Don't leave it to chance! It isn't just hardware failure that can cause you to lose data, there are so many things that can lose your precious data. We offer a solution from just 40p per Gb plus it works seamlessly and automatically in the background. Contact us for more info. We also offer full disaster recovery services.


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It always amazes us how few people back up their data properly. Most people fall into one of these catagories:


● Never backs up

● Has a backup drive but hardly ever uses it

● Has a backup drive and only uses it sometimes

● Has and uses a backup drive but leaves it plugged in

● Has a good backup regime but doesn't keep off site

● Doesn't understand how to backup at all

● Never tests restoration from backups


If you don't fall into any of these generalisations (or similar) you probably don't need our backup solution. If however, you are one of the overwhelming majority who do, please read on.


Data can be lost in so many ways, here are some of the common ways:


● Hardware failure

● Virus / malware

● Human error

● Theft, loss or damage


You may notice the order that these are in. This is roughly the distribution we see, but virus / malware is a very close second. The biggest viral threat at the moment is a virus that can encrypt (lock) your data and hold you to ransom for $500 or more to hopefully release it. If this happens and you don't have the right kind of backup there is nothing anyone can do to help.

Still not interested ... ? We also do data recovery!



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